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Stradivari - 1677 “Sunrise“ violin
detailed view

sunrise ganz korpus front korpus back korpus side schnecke1 schnecke2 schnecke3 schnecke4 schnecke5 schnecke6
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Violin - 1677 "Sunrise"


Viola - 1672 "Mahler"


Cello - 1711 "Mara"


In order to give a better understanding about how the violin photographs are produced from a technical aspect photographer Jan Roehrmann notices the following short information:

I split into two main blocks - The first 50% consists of light and camera, - The second 50% is down to the digital workflow.

Using soft flashlights with high power, I can get the best balance between distance, distribution of light and sharpness of the object. In addition using a mid format camera, originally a 6 X 8 Fuji film camera with vertical and horizontal shift adjustments and a bellow in between just like a purely mechanical camera, that is equipped with a 40 million megapixel high resolution digital back of Phase One which allows a highly detailed mapping of the instruments.

Then the photographs are put through a special camera software. All the important things like colour balancing or the colour profiles are done in here before processing into the regular professional Photoshop software. The workflow continues on a professional colour balanced screen - which guarantees the natural colour of the instrument. The photographs are then run through a professional rip to be printed as a reference proof, while the instrument is still with us.

Light, camera and digital workflow constituted for only the next 50% - to get a perfect printed publication the printing studio process is the very important next step - but that is on another paper...

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